Friday, April 11, 2008

Truth and Beauty

I was looking at Wikipedia and I found their views on Beauty lacking. They point out that Pythagoras found beauty through mathematics. But most of the article is about human beauty. A real entry on Wikipedia should have been a lot longer and less shallow. The truth in beauty needs to be more defined. Let us dig a little deeper. If this group wants to affect people globally, I propose that someone edit the Wikipedia entry to fit a better definition, a more beautiful definition.


Troy Camplin said...

Perhaps we should work together here, first, to get a good definition and then rewrite the Wikipedia entry.

Todd Camplin said...

Well first of all, we could lesses the heavily male gaze of the Beauty entry. I think the beauty pagent should have its own entry, because it has little to do with beauty and more to do with parading around woman for sexual display. I got the impression that the Wikipedia entry really thought was beauty.

Troy Camplin said...

Unfortunately, most people think that that is all beauty is -- the merely pretty.