Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Importance of Failure

When making art, it is important not to fear failure. I am currently working on a series of ink on paper drawings using the subject matter of text as a base design element. In the course of creating these works, I try a few experiments. One such experiment was the drawing displayed above. I tried to use an outlined image of a woman as my base design. The drawing soon became to repetitive and had little complexity. I could tell the drawing was going to be a complete failure if I continued to just repeats the image, so in order to add complexity to the image, I broke the large shape with contrasts of black areas and I stopped following the guidelines I had originally set for the image. Although, I don't think I was able to completely save the drawing from failure, but I did, however, apply what I learned into new drawings.

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Troy Camplin said...

There is a hint of something interesting there, but I agree that it doesn't quite work.

Sometimes a failure contains a seed of something new. Oddly, with short stories, I have discovered that when I decide to play with a new form, it typically works well the first time, but fails with consecutive attempts to apply the form. This might be a prime example of content creating form, and vice versa, and my own failure to recognize it (I realize now as I write this).